Simple Drive-Through Test Scheduling and Logistics

Manage and schedule appointments for patients quickly while easily maintaining the data and behind-the-scenes workflow.

Mass testing platform appointment screens.

Schedule Appointments Simply

Register a patient and book an appointment in one easy step. Update patient details and reschedule appointments all from the same screen. Identify available appointments at a glance

Mass testing platform appointment screen.

Manage Users, Multiple Testing Sites, Services, and Schedules

Securely manage the platform by granting access to those who need it, including technology support, call-center representatives and government liaisons. Add specific working plans, testing capacity and schedules, which will reflect on the booking calendar.

Mass testing platform users screen.

Set Up Batch Appointments for Employers

Simply approve, deny and set priority for batch appointment requests from local businesses who are looking to re-open safely.

Mass testing platform business requests screen.

Get Reporting On Demand

Push button, on-demand reporting generates CSV files of important epidemiological data and appointment metrics, while APIs allow for seamless integrations with other reporting software.

Mass testing platform reports screen.

Everything You Need

  • Responsive Design

    The application is fully responsive and scales at any viewport size.

  • Email and SMS Notifications

    Built-in integrations for email and text messages to keep patients informed and on time.

  • Customizable Styles

    Tweak the look and feel of your user interface by simply editing Sass variables for multiple components

  • CSV Uploading

    Upload appointments in bulk using a simple spreadsheet import tool or with automated integrations through

  • Media Transfer Protocol Automation

    Supports third party automated background integrations.

  • Under the Hood

    The application was built with PHP, MySQL, AWS, Docker, Gulp and Sass integration.

More Information

Mass Testing Platform is a scheduling, logistics and data orchestration application, which was designed in collaboration between Rocket Mortgage, Rock Connections and the City of Detroit to facilitate drive-through testing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The documentation on this site will give you a high-level overview of the drive-through testing process, from end-to-end. Please note, this process was designed around the regulations in effect in Detroit, Michigan, during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, you may need to make adjustments to the process and technology to meet the current regulations in your area.

This project wouldn't have been possible without the contributions of these individuals. This team built and launched the platform in just five days. Read the story of how they made this happen on the Rocket Mortgage Technology Blog.

Explore the Process

We've documented the entire end-to-end testing process in detail to help you learn more and get started.

Platform Runbook