In order to ensure all Detroit residents have access to the COVID-19 testing site, a transportation service was stood up to pick-up residents at their home, take them through the testing site, drop residents back off at their residence, and then sanitize the vehicle.

How it works:

  1. Residents that have met the qualification requirements contact the COVID-19 Test Site call center to request an appointment. If a resident requests transportation during this call, the call center representative connects the resident to the transportation call center to book a ride directly with transportation vendor.

  2. The transportation dispatcher works with a variety of transportation providers to schedule a ride and dispatch the vehicle.

  3. The transportation provider picks up residents at their home and drives them to and from the testing site.

  4. Residents pay $2 in cash for the ride by placing it in a sealed plastic bag and leaving it in the back seat of the car. However, if a resident does not have $2, they will still get a ride, and the City will reimburse the taxi provider.

  5. Vehicles are cleaned in between each use at one of two cleaning sites the City set up with an outside cleaning vendor.

It is imperative that safety for both the driver and the passenger is prioritized in this process. This has been accomplished through the following method:

  • The City provides PPE for both the driver and passenger. The driver is provided with an N-95 mask, goggles, and gloves. The passenger is provided with a supply surgical mask and gloves. Passengers are informed that they will be required to wear a mask and gloves when they book the ride and that they will be refused a ride if they do not wear the PPE.
  • Safety and sanitation protocols were developed that drivers and riders must follow. These protocols are posted in the back seat for riders to view while in transport.
  • A daily checklist was provided for drivers to use to ensure they have all of the PPE and sanitation materials needed.
  • Only vehicles with a physical separation between the driver and the passenger are used in the service.

Intelliride is the vendor that the City worked with to oversee the program, dispatch and coordinate rides with multiple vendors, and provide cleaning protocols to ensure riders and drivers are safe and protected. On April 6, 2020, we started providing rides to any Detroit resident who had a prescription to get a test. On April 18, 2020, we expanded this program to include essential employees.