Hello, my name is [Agent Name] on a recorded line. I’ll be assisting you with registering your business or organization today with the [location] drive-through testing site. Who do I have the pleasure of assisting today?

[Client gives name]

Great, I’d like to collect some basic information from you about your business or organization.

Can you please provide:

  • Organization or business name
  • Employer First Name
  • Employer Last Name
  • Employer Email
  • Employer Phone Number

Thank you for that information and registering with the [location] testing site. Your employer ID code is #######.

Please share this number with your employees, so they can call back and schedule an appointment with us. Please tell your employees that they must have that ID code ready and available when they call to schedule their appointment. If they do not have that number, we will not be able to schedule the appointment for them.

You may want to share with your employees that the test takes approximately 15 minutes to perform. Tests are conducted at the [location] at [directions]. You and your employees can go to [website] testing for a map of the location and more information about the testing process.

Employees should bring their ID with them to the drive-through testing location. They will be required to present it to the greeter when they arrive in order to receive a test. Employees should enter the drive-through at [directions]. They must arrive in and remain in their vehicles while at the testing site. Pets are not allowed at the drive-through testing site.

Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Thank you for calling the [location] drive-thru testing call center. Take care.