Hello, my name is [Agent Name] on a recorded line. I’ll be helping you with scheduling an appointment at the drive-through testing location. Who do I have the pleasure of assisting today? [Client gives name] Great, first can I have your employer ID code? You should have received this code from your employer so that you could call to make an appointment for the test. [If they do not have a code] I’m sorry. We’re unable to schedule an appointment for you without the employer ID code. Please reach out to your employer and give us a call back once you have it. [If they have a code] The next thing I’m going to do is collect some basic information to get your appointment set up.

Can you please provide:

  • Patient First Name
  • Patient Middle Initial
  • Patient Last Name
  • Patient Gender (F/M/T/O)
  • Patient Date of Birth
  • Patient Age
  • Patient Email
  • Patient Cell Phone Number
  • Patient Home Phone Number
  • Patient Address
  • Patient Apt #
  • Patient City
  • Patient State
  • Patient Zip Code
  • Patient Last 4 Digits of SSN
  • Primary Care Physician First Name (optional)
  • Primary Care Physician Last Name (optional)
  • Primary Care Physician Phone Number (optional)
  • Primary Care Physician Address (optional)
  • Primary Care Physician City (optional)
  • Primary Care Physician State (optional)
  • Primary Care Physician Zip Code (optional)

Thank you for that information. Just to make you aware, the test takes approximately 15 minutes to perform.

It looks like the next available opening is on [date] at [time]. Does that work for you?

[If yes, book appointment in scheduling system.]

[If no, find another date and time that works.]

Great, let me know when you have a pen and paper ready as I’m going to confirm your appointment date, time and location.

Your test has been scheduled for [date] and [time] at the [location] at the [location address]. You can go to [website] for a map of the location and more information about the testing process.

Please be sure to bring your ID with you to the drive-through testing location. You will be required to present it to the greeter when you arrive in order to receive a test. You should enter the drive-through at the entrance on [directions]. You must arrive in and remain in your vehicle while at the testing site. Pets are not allowed at the drive-through testing site.

Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Thank you for calling the [location] drive-through testing call center. Take care.